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Hello. You have come to the site of the family doctor. In our country, this concept can be roughly interpreted as a pediatrician + a therapist. A doctor who mainly treats diseases of the internal organs in people of all ages.

Calling a doctor at home

Kyiv and region. Promptly. Seven days a week. Treatment of all family members. From babies to the elderly. Medical care for diseases not only of internal organs, but also of neurological, ENT and other specializations.


Child and adult doctor rolled into one. True, it is believed that the medical outlook of a family doctor is slightly larger than that of the specified specialties. By my first university education, I am a pediatrician (pediatrician). Unfortunately, in our country, in my opinion, the medical industry is not developing as we would like. A lot of people in Ukraine are deprived of access to quality medical care.

Alexei Vladimirovich

Alexei Vladimirovich

Family doctor / Pediatrician

  • Telephone consultation
  • Adults and children
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If you have any questions for me, I will try to answer them by telephone (9:00 am - 6:00 pm) Perhaps, if necessary, later - we will conduct an in-person examination, and I will answer your questions in more detail.

You can make an appointment by calling by phone, or by filling out the feedback form on the contact page

Something about me

While creating this site, I set myself the goal not only to declare myself as a professional in my field, as a good pediatrician. I wanted to try, whenever possible, to help people answer questions concerning their health, which our state system cannot or does not want to answer.

My name is Alexey Vladimirovich, I began my medical practice in 1997. He learned the basics of medical activity since 1988, when he entered the medical school (now college). He worked part-time in his free time on the ambulance and emergency care. He started as a nurse, then became a medical assistant, and finally - a doctor. I went to both the general line and the children's brigade. When I received my diploma, I was attending the clinic as a family doctor. He treated both children and grandparents, at the same time accepted all age groups. Then, in the late 90s, the family medicine boom began. At the reception I had to be not only a therapist and pediatrician, but also a cardiologist, neuropathologist, urologist ... Not a zemstvo doctor, of course, but I had a chance to see a lot of pathology.

The internship took place on the basis of several large Kiev hospitals, both for children and for adults. I try to constantly improve myself. I read medical literature and Internet sites, follow the news in the medical world.

I am a pediatrician by education, a little later I received the specialization of a family doctor. Now I work as a practicing specialist in the family medicine center.

Contact, but better not get sick!

You may be interested in browsing my blog, reading medical news, viewing articles on popular topics. I would be grateful if you leave your feedback on my activities in the feedback section.

P.S I don't work with "sick leave". I issue medical certificates only after a "face-to-face" examination, and, if necessary, additional examination. "Can I buy a certificate from you?" - not to me.